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All the latest in the subject of "Relations"

Spanish prosecutors probe hate speech against Muslims, Jews

  Relations  17:43 | 16/02

MADRID (AP) — Prosecutors in Spain have launched two separate investigations involving a far-right party and extremist neo-Nazi sympathizers for possible hate crimes against Muslims and Jews, respectively.The Barcelona province prosecutor’s office said Tuesday that it was looking into the recent campaign in a regional Catalan election by Vox, ...

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Pope Francis marking Holocaust warns another extermination possible

  Relations  16:14 | 27/01

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis marked Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday by warning that warped ideologies can pave the way to another mass extermination.Francis spoke off the cuff at the end of his weekly general audience, held in his private library because of coronavirus restrictions, to commemorate the 76th ...

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Michael Beals, Delaware rabbi, blesses Biden before inauguration, compares him to Moses

  Relations  15:50 | 20/01

A Delaware rabbi blessed President-elect Joseph R. Biden and his wife before they left the state Tuesday night by comparing him to Moses and President Trump to the "cruel Pharaoh."Rabbi Michael Beals explained at the farewell ceremony on the eve of Mr. Biden's inauguration the meaning of ...

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Chris Cuomo mocks Marco Rubio's faith, calls senator 'Bible Boy' during anti-Trump rant

  Relations  18:01 | 05/01

Chris Cuomo says President Trump's departure from the White House will not offer political relief for the country as long as "Bible boy" Sen. Marco Rubio is around.The "CNN Tonight" host mocked the Florida Republican's outspoken faith Monday evening while opining on post-Trump America with colleague Don Lemon."Look, ...

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A Return to California Leads to Romance

  Relations  14:00 | 18/12/20

Pearl Losoya and David Velasco grew up in the same California community, but went their separate ways after high school. A decade later they reconnected.

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Parents lose lawsuit over destruction of son's porn stash

  Relations  06:13 | 18/12/20

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (AP) - A man who sued his parents for getting rid of his pornography collection has won a lawsuit in western Michigan and can seek compensation.U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney ruled in favor of David Werking, who said his parents had no right to throw out ...

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Raphael Warnock Georgia Senate bid undercut by past military, Israel comments

  Relations  04:14 | 19/11/20

Republicans are framing the two Georgia Senate run-off races as the firewall holding back a left-wing takeover of the federal government, and the Rev. Raphael Warnock is inadvertently providing them with plenty of help.Since coasting to a first-place finish in the Nov. 3 non-partisan special-election primary, Mr. Warnock has ...

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Wild About Him, but Not the Bike He Rode In On

  Relations  17:39 | 13/11/20

Sarah Miller decided that despite the fact that Ron Jacobson rode a motorcycle to their first date, it would not be a deal breaker.

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Pro-life group to spend $4M on anticipated Georgia runoffs for U.S. Senate

  Relations  23:11 | 05/11/20

Women Speak Out PAC, which is aligned with the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, said Thursday it will spend $4 million to help GOP incumbent Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win anticipated run-off elections in Georgia.Candidates for the U.S. Senate in Georgia must exceed 50% of the vote ...

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Families, day cares feel strain of new COVID-19 health rules

  Relations  06:00 | 02/11/20

SEATTLE (AP) - Joelle Wheatley hit her pandemic-parenting rock bottom after her son was sent home from day care for a second time, with the sniffles, due to stricter health guidelines in a symptom-sensitive COVID-19 world.It was supposed to be Jacob's first day back after a stressful 10-day home ...

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Orthodox priest shot at church in France; attacker at large

  Relations  20:49 | 31/10/20

LYON, France (AP) — A Greek Orthodox priest was shot Saturday while he was closing his church in the French city of Lyon, and authorities locked down part of the city to hunt for the assailant, police said.The priest, a Greek citizen, is in a local hospital with life-threatening ...

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Catholics unsettled over political views of priests, nuns

  Relations  06:33 | 30/10/20

A debate is roiling the Catholic Church over the role clergy and nuns play in partisan politics ahead of Tuesday's elections.On Sunday, three nuns held rosaries and a Bible behind President Trump at a rally in Ohio. Media outlets quickly dubbed the sisters of the Children of Mary religious ...

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Bail cut for domestic violence victims' advocate who shot ex

  Relations  18:16 | 28/10/20

KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) - A northwestern Montana judge has reduced the bail for a domestic violence victims' advocate who is charged with killing her ex-husband earlier this month.Rachel Bellesen of Lakeside has been jailed since Oct. 8 when she reported to law enforcement that she shot her ex-husband, Jacob ...

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The Word Through the Grapevine: Yes

  Relations  13:00 | 23/10/20

Meredith Moss and David Gosse knew each other in high school in Utah. When they met again in Texas, 30 years later, it was at a time of transition for both.

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Bernard Cohen, lawyer who took on mixed marriage laws, dies

  Relations  21:57 | 14/10/20

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (AP) - Bernard S. Cohen, who successfully pursued a landmark legal challenge to a Virginia law banning interracial marriage and later went on to a successful political career as a state legislator, has died. He was 86.Cohen and legal colleague Phil Hirschkop represented Richard and Mildred ...

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David Daleiden, pro-life activist, accuses Kamala Harris of targeting him with raid, investigation

  Relations  15:19 | 06/10/20

As California attorney general, Kamala D. Harris launched an investigation into David Daleiden for secretly filming Planned Parenthood officials as part of his hidden-camera probe into fetal-tissue trafficking, and he doesn't want anyone to forget it.On the eve of the Tuesday vice-presidential debate, Mr. Daleiden, founder of the pro-life ...

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Amid rising infections, Israeli ultra-Orthodox defy lockdown

  Relations  06:05 | 06/10/20

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — After a revered ultra-Orthodox rabbi died this week, Israeli police thought they had worked out an arrangement with his followers to allow a small, dignified funeral that would conform with public health guidelines under the current coronavirus lockdown.But when it was time to bury ...

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The Proposal Was a Walk in the Park (the Second Time Around)

  Relations  15:20 | 02/10/20

Caroline Gottlieb and David Virenius got engaged in Central Park, a day later than intended after a foiled first attempt.

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Missouri child welfare division head resigns after 3 months

  Relations  23:23 | 29/09/20

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - The director of a division that oversees child welfare services in Missouri has resigned without explanation after only three months on the job.Former Missouri Rep. David Wood, a Republican from Versailles, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Monday that he is no longer the director ...

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Orthodox Jewish areas in NYC may get virus-related fines

  Relations  22:52 | 29/09/20

NEW YORK (AP) — Alarmed by a spike in coronavirus infections in a few Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, New York City officials will start issuing fines in those areas to people who refuse to wear masks, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday.De Blasio said he was sending teams of hundreds ...

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Holocaust survey finds lack of knowledge of atrocity among millennials, Gen Z

  Relations  00:37 | 17/09/20

Holocaust remembrance groups raised concerns over the "disturbing" results of a survey released Wednesday that showed a lack of understanding of the atrocity among Americans younger than 40.Commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, or Claims Conference, the survey found roughly one in 10 adults under ...

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Florida mother accused of stabbing 6-year-old girl to death

  Relations  19:12 | 29/08/20

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - Florida authorities say a 36-year-old woman was arrested on charges she stabbed her 6-year-old daughter to death.The (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union says Purkanah Yisrael Mayo had been hospitalized after stabbing herself with the same kitchen knife and was in life-threatening condition.The Florida Department of Children ...

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Spicy Sign of Love and Family History

  Relations  14:00 | 28/08/20

Karolle Rabarison recounted growing up in Madagascar and David Rose spoke of his New Mexico roots and familys red chile dish on their first date.

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Three Months Later, She Replied

  Relations  10:00 | 14/08/20

Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz got Matan BenYishays three-month-old message on the dating app JDate after renewing her lapsed membership.

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New Role for a Soap Opera Writer: Husband

  Relations  10:00 | 14/08/20

Ron Carlivati, the head writer for a daytime drama, says David Rogal, who he met at a movie theater, prevents his life from becoming a soap opera.

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Finally an Upgrade From the Training Rings

  Relations  10:00 | 07/08/20

Ted Boerner and Rabbi Oren Postrel found the rapport from the start. Their temporary rings came a couple of years later.

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Seth Rogen's Israel comments highlight fraught diaspora ties

  Relations  06:05 | 07/08/20

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) - It began as a lighthearted conversation between two Jewish comedians, riffing on a podcast about the idiosyncrasies of their shared heritage. But after talk turned to Israel, it didn't take long for Marc Maron and Seth Rogen to spark an uproar. Their comments about ...

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The Lawyer of His Dreams

  Relations  01:42 | 28/07/20

A matchmakers persistence finally paired David Golden with the date he didnt know he was looking for: Alexandra Brodman.

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The Latest: Israeli protesters, police clash amid lockdowns

  Relations  04:51 | 13/07/20

JERUSALEM - Ultra-Orthodox protesters have clashed with Israeli police in a Jerusalem neighborhood that has been placed under lockdown due to a coronavirus outbreak.As Israel grapples with a spike in coronavirus cases, it has begun to impose restrictions on selected towns and neighborhoods with high infection rates. Many of ...

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A Little Chutzpah Goes a Long Way

  Relations  13:30 | 26/06/20

A great-great granddaughter of the Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem had a Jewish ceremony via Zoom outside a shul in Chicago. A legal one came later.

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