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All the latest in the subject of "Antisemitism"

Gina Carano says post was not comparing conservatives to Jews in Holocaust

  Antisemitism  07:02 | 23/02

The social media post got her fired from the hit “Star Wars” show “The Mandalorian” two weeks ago.

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CPAC cancels speaker who said Judaism is a ‘complete lie`

  Antisemitism  04:43 | 23/02

The theme of this year`s CPAC is “America Uncanceled.”

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Legal firm offers to represent Zionist organizations across US campuses

  Antisemitism  12:42 | 16/02

It will request that universities provide students with equal rights and an environment free of racism.

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Turkey state media marks Jews in Biden administration with Israeli flag

  Antisemitism  00:44 | 04/02

Turkey`s regime is increasingly pushing hate speech against minorities, singling out gay rights activists as “deviants” and sounding more and more like Iran`s regime in anti-gay rhetoric.

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Canada probes UNRWA funds over textbooks for promoting hate

  Antisemitism  22:20 | 27/01

Australia also announced an investigation into UNRWA and the UK has raised the issue with the organization.

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Bahrain commemorates Holocaust, combats antisemitism

  Antisemitism  21:34 | 27/01

This is part of a larger regional outpouring of commemoration on International Holocaust Memorial Day.

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Chelsea FC to commemorate Holocaust anniversary during Wednesday's match

  Antisemitism  18:19 | 27/01

The match and Chelsea's special tribute coincide with International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Twitch receives highest mark for efforts toward removing Holocaust denial

  Antisemitism  17:34 | 27/01

Twitch received a B, while Twitter, YouTube and TikTok earned a C. Facebook, Discord and Reddit "barely passed" with a D. No platform was awarded an A.

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European Jewish Association marks Int'l Holocaust Memorial Day online

  Antisemitism  17:05 | 27/01

Event streamed live on JPost website

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Facebook directs users to Holocaust education when searching for denial

  Antisemitism  15:58 | 27/01

Directing users to the online educational resource is the most recent example of Facebook's efforts to eliminate Holocaust denial from its platform.

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Auschwitz survivors mark anniversary virtually amid pandemic fears

  Antisemitism  15:05 | 27/01

Other virtual ceremonies will also take place to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Pope warns against new nationalism

  Antisemitism  15:01 | 27/01

Speaking at his general audience, held inside the papal library because of coronavirus restrictions, Francis said it was imperative that the world did not forget.

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Antwerp mayor: Haredi ignoring COVID measures triggered antisemitism

  Antisemitism  05:57 | 27/01

Antwerp police have tolerated minyans, the minimum 0f 10 men needed for Orthodox worship, but have intervened when the requirement was exceeded.

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UN's Guterres: COVID-19 created antisemitism spike, as neo-Nazism rises

  Antisemitism  20:52 | 26/01

"Antisemitism continues to blight our world. It is sad... that the pandemic has triggered yet another eruption of this poisonous ideology"• "There is no vaccine for antisemitism and xenophobia"

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Argentina Jewish family attacked by people shouting ‘Death to Jews`

  Antisemitism  18:04 | 26/01

The children ran to help their father and also were beaten amid epithets.

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Major American Jewish coalition adopts IHRA definition of antisemitism

  Antisemitism  16:39 | 26/01

What that means may vary for its members?

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As social networks clamp down, antisemitism moves to the darknet

  Antisemitism  03:28 | 26/01

Amid pandemic, extremist groups connect on fringe websites that are nearly impossible to monitor, experts warn.

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IHRA definition of antisemitism helpful but shouldn't be part of law

  Antisemitism  02:05 | 26/01

The statement also cautions that the IHRA definition`s examples could divert attention from the threat of far-right antisemitism.

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Turkey pro-government media: ‘Jews overrepresented in Biden Cabinet`

  Antisemitism  22:47 | 24/01

The latest claim comes on the heels of a conspiracy theory spread by a high-level AKP official that said US president Joe Biden is “Kurdish.”

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Head of Belgium`s Aalst carnival has made antisemitic comments online

  Antisemitism  09:01 | 23/01

The 2019 edition of the annual event featured several floats deemed antisemitic, including ones of Jews depicted as insects.

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Speaker for Dutch Holocaust memorial after uproar over antisemitic comment

  Antisemitism  08:16 | 23/01

"I didn`t mean it," Benali said. "I distance myself from those remarks, they weren`t meant literally. I also have Jewish friends and interview Jewish authors.”

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Nazi memorabilia at Paraguay art fair prompts call for new law

  Antisemitism  07:39 | 23/01

The fair`s organizer removed the Nazi objects from display on Wednesday but added that showing the items did not break any laws.

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Food courier in France arrested for allegedly refusing to serve Jews

  Antisemitism  00:37 | 14/01

allegedly told staff from two kosher restaurants that he does “not serve Jews” and thus is canceling their order

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Irwin Colter: Canada's special envoy for combating antisemitism

  Antisemitism  11:57 | 13/01

This article does not do justice to the remarkable achievements of this man.

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Steve King, Jeanine Pirro compare crackdown on far Right to Kristallnacht

  Antisemitism  12:59 | 12/01

Amazon, Apple and Google have all decided to ban the social media app Parler, which is popular among the far-right, from their platforms.

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Restaurants in Portland vandalized with 'free Palestine' graffiti

  Antisemitism  12:59 | 12/01

Ironically, neither of the restaurants vandalized considers itself exclusively Israeli.

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Jewish activists yell out Holocaust denial tweets at home of Twitter CEO

  Antisemitism  11:32 | 12/01

“Why does Jack Dorsey continue to give Holocaust deniers and Jew-haters a bigger platform today than Hitler had in his time?”

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Food courier in France refuses to serve Jews, kosher restaurant owners say

  Antisemitism  05:03 | 12/01

Later in the day, a second kosher restaurant was also declined service by a Deliveroo employee, DNA reported.

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Photo of antisemitic shirt at Capitol siege goes viral. Why was it wrong?

  Antisemitism  03:32 | 12/01

Each got one thing wrong: The picture wasn`t from that day.

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Could America today face a similar fate to that of Nazi Germany?

  Antisemitism  01:38 | 12/01

Growing up, I always wondered how Germany, an epicenter of European culture in the 1930s, could become such a dark, hateful place.

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