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All the latest in the subject of "Health"

Officials shift resources away from COVID-19 testing to vaccinations

  Health  17:56 | 01/03

As COVID-19 vaccinations rise across the country, testing appears to be declining as variants spread. "CBS This Morning" lead national correspondent David Begnaud spoke to a hair stylist who depends on regular testing to keep her job. She says her usual testing site closed down.

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Detroit PE teacher navigates pandemic with charity assist

  Health  15:48 | 01/03

DETROIT (AP) - A white board in the David Ellis Academy gymnasium is stuck on the wall.And in time.It details the planned activities for physical education classes on March 12, 2020 - the last day Ronda Brodsky taught physical education and health to students at the pre-K through ...

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Hints of hope in Long Island's ongoing fight to tame the COVID-19 pandemic

  Health  03:30 | 01/03

A steady drop in new COVID-19 cases, an FDA-approved single-shot dose, and more pop-up vaccine centers — like one in Lawrence on Sunday where 60 Holocaust survivors were inoculated — are fueling cautious optimism.

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Purim celebrations threaten fresh virus outbreak in Israel

  Health  22:57 | 28/02

JERUSALEM (AP) - Mass gatherings took place in Jerusalem on Sunday as Israelis celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim in violation of coronavirus restrictions.Authorities had been concerned about a repeat of last year, when Purim celebrations helped fuel an initial wave of the coronavirus in the earliest days of ...

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Israel approves plan to vaccinate West Bank laborers

  Health  19:43 | 28/02

Israel on Sunday announced plans to vaccinate tens of thousands of Palestinians who work inside Israel and its West Bank settlements, at a time of vast disparities in access to vaccines between the Israeli and Palestinian populations.Israel has launched one of the world`s most successful vaccination programs, inoculating over ...

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Spain: Shipload of cattle to be killed after 2 months at sea

  Health  16:19 | 28/02

MADRID (AP) - Nearly 900 cattle that have been on a ship traveling the Mediterranean Sea for two months will be sacrificed after veterinarians deemed them no longer fit for export, Spanish authorities said.A total of 895 cattle set sail from the Spanish port of Cartagena on Dec. 18 ...

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Israel: Greek tanker ruled out as source of massive oil spill

  Health  16:05 | 28/02

The Environment Ministry cleared the Miinerva Helen of blame for the worst oil spill in the country`s history following a ‘professional and comprehensive inspection`

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Author Jacob Goldstein on how money has evolved

  Health  18:46 | 27/02

Author Jacob Goldstein speaks to Dana Jacobson about his book "Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing," and gives a deep-dive look into the world of money, where it came from and how it's evolved.

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Bison begin migrating out of Yellowstone National Park

  Health  17:10 | 27/02

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) - Bison presence outside of Yellowstone National Park remained low during the last weeks of Montana`s bison hunting season, but the herd`s annual migration and hunter activity recently picked up.Morgan Jacobsen, a spokesperson for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that on ...

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The enigmatic genetic footprint of Palestine

  Health  15:07 | 27/02

How it came to pass that Palestinians availing themselves of ancestry kits discover they`re ‘Italian` or ‘Syrian Jews,` among other things – and what Canaanites have to do with it

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The enigmatic genetic footprint of Palestine

  Health  15:07 | 27/02

How it came to pass that Palestinians availing themselves of ancestry kits discover they`re ‘Italian` or ‘Syrian Jews,` among other things – and what Canaanites have to do with it

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Potential oil spill identified off Israeli coast, but isn't expected to reach the country

  Health  03:00 | 27/02

Concerns remain as hundreds of volunteers still attempt to clean up the tar on the country's beaches after a massive oil spill

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Experts, policy makers watch Israel's COVID vaccination 'passport' scheme with unease

  Health  13:52 | 26/02

80 percent of the 210 million doses of coronavirus vaccines administered worldwide have been given in only 10 countries, highlighting the fraught ethical landscape of who can get it and how to lift the burden of COVID-19

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Israeli archaeologists present groundbreaking universal theory of human evolution

  Health  13:44 | 25/02

Tel Aviv University archaeologists Miki Ben-Dor and Ran Barkai proffer novel hypothesis, showing how the greed of Homo erectus set us careening down an anomalous evolutionary path

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Two months into Israel`s COVID vaccination drive, most comprehensive study yet shows level of effectiveness

  Health  09:41 | 25/02

The Pfizer coronavirus vaccine on average prevents 94 percent of symptomatic illness and 92 percent of serious illness, an analysis of the medical data from 1.2 million Israeli patients shows

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As U.S. COVID-19 deaths top 500,000, leaders learn to make better, data-driven decisions

  Health  17:27 | 23/02

CBS News lead national correspondent David Begnaud spoke with Johns Hopkins' head data scientist, who created one of the world's most premier coronavirus data tracking dashboards. Also, Begnaud reflects on a year of covering the coronavirus pandemic - and some of the faces he will never forget.

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Third of Israelis vaccinated for COVID, cabinet to debate Purim curfew

  Health  08:06 | 23/02

Israel's Health Ministry wants ministers to adopt a proposal for an overnight curfew starting Thursday to avoid COVID violations during the holiday

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Israel rocked by COVID death of pregnant 32-year-old who had not been vaccinated

  Health  23:17 | 21/02

Osnat Ben-Shitrit's brother said he had operated an anti-vaccination Facebook page before seeing his sister died of COVID-19. Israel rocked by COVID death of pregnant 32-year-old who had not been vaccinated Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

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U.S. not 'out of the woods' as nation nears 500,000 COVID-19 deaths

  Health  21:56 | 21/02

While the number of COVID-19 cases fell for the fifth straight week and officials scrambled to inoculate the population, the nation prepared to soon reach 500,000 deaths

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Why you should still wear a mask even after your COVID-19 vaccination

  Health  21:22 | 21/02

Getting on an airplane? Vaccinated or not, the CDC still urges essential travel only

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Rival of Palestinian president delivers vaccines to Gaza

  Health  19:22 | 21/02

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) - A shipment of coronavirus vaccines arranged by a rival of President Mahmoud Abbas arrived in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, giving a lift to the blockaded territory's vaccination efforts and embarrassing the Palestinian leader ahead of national elections.The 20,000 doses of Russia`s Sputnik ...

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UAE weapons show draws major deals, traders amid pandemic

  Health  19:11 | 21/02

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - In spite of the surging coronavirus pandemic, major arms makers descended Sunday on a convention center in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, hoping to make deals with militaries across the Middle East.The UAE unveiled $1.36 billion in local ...

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Pregnant Israeli, 32, dies of COVID together with her fetus

  Health  14:21 | 21/02

The woman from Jerusalem was admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit last Tuesday in critical condition

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Israel starts reopening economy after two-month lockdown

  Health  12:33 | 21/02

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel lifted many of its coronavirus restrictions and started reopening its economy Sunday as the country's vaccination drive and third nationwide lockdown have started to bring down infections. Most grade school and high school classes have reopened after a nearly two-month closure, along with museums, libraries, ...

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Price, Posey, MLBers who opted out for virus excited for '21

  Health  03:37 | 21/02

David Price spent much of 2020 in front of his television, watching from afar as his Los Angeles Dodgers chased an elusive World Series championship. Trepidation about playing baseball through a pandemic trumped his urge to play - but that doesn`t mean the 2012 AL Cy Young Award winner ...

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Israel's massive oil spill: From north to south, concerned citizens clean tar from beaches

  Health  22:38 | 20/02

Oil spill off Israel's coast is its worst maritime pollution in decades. Environmental activists slam the overwhelmed government for not implementing a pollution plan approved almost 13 years ago

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Pfizer COVID vaccine close to 99-percent effective in preventing death, latest Israeli data shows

  Health  18:56 | 20/02

Two weeks after the second dose, close to 96 percent of people inoculated with the coronavirus vaccine don't get sick at all, data on people vaccinated up to February 13 shows

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Russia approves its third COVID-19 vaccine before large-scale clinical trials

  Health  14:34 | 20/02

Preemptive approval for CoviVac had raised concerns among some scientists, but Moscow says the first 120,000 doses will be produced and released to the national coronavirus inoculation program next month

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Fauci tells Haaretz that on vaccine rollout, ‘Israel really did it right`

  Health  12:41 | 20/02

Dr. Fauci says he's optimistic about where the U.S. is heading on COVID-19 inoculations, but acknowledges in an interview that ‘We have a real discrepancy between supply and demand`

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